The networking of all music lovers WILL DETERMINE THE FUTURE OF CLASSIC.


Different initiatives establish a basis for comprehensive cooperation between musicians from very walk of live.


Cooperation between the MUNIch philharmonic orchestra and the 'Musikbund OF Ober- und Niederbayern (MON)'

Brass band music (Blasmusik) has deep roots in Bavaria. In nearly every village people of all ages meet to make music.  

The 'Musikbund of Ober- und Niederbayern’  has more than 24,000 members in upper and lower Bavaria alone.    

In June 2013 Ulrich Haider established a link between the association of ‘MON' and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.  The aim is to encourage and inspire young people and members of ‘MON’ to develop an active interest in classical music.

Within the short period of colaborations many projects have already started,  e.g. visits to rehearsals, talks with famous conductors,  training sessions and a joint school concert.