Over a period of more than 10 years, numerous projects have been initiated and organized in kindergartens, schools and special schools as well as in adult education.

Some examples:




In 2011 this spectacular (original) ‘Family Musical’ was performed for the first time at the 'Philharmonie' in Munich.    

A new approach to classical music was developed in cooperation with the duo performers ‘Sternschnuppe’.    

This special experience enabled children and their parents to experiences the vital energy of a big symphony orchestra.  

As a result of these performances more than 20,000 members of the audience have been able to enjoy the excitement and creative atmosphere inspired by classical music. 

school concert                                                                      'different - MUSIC CAN be enriched By new Ideas' 

Foto: Andrea Huber 

In March 2015 students from a Munich high school performed together with a wind octet from the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.    

In the same concert young and talented members of Bavarian brass bands were invited to play with the entire orchestra.  

This special concert gave invaluable experience to young players as well as being an exciting occasion for the audience.

Children with intellectual disabilities visit 'Ristorante Allegro'

Foto: privat
Foto: privat

One of the most important ideas of 'Ristorante Allegro' is to give every family, including this who have children with intellectual disabilities, the opportunity to attend a concert together.

The Munich Philharmonic regularly invites these families to performances of the musical. 

Musicians, actors and teachers visit schools to prepare the children for a new and memorable concert experience.